Motion Lightbox

Combined fabric graphic with a motion LED lightbox and you get Motion Light Box, that will surely capture your customer attention.. 

Designed to augment a fully printed fabric graphic, each motion light box is programme individually to create a variety array of effects and animations, all within a lightweight frame. This results in a cost-effective, easily updateable, dynamic display.

These motion light boxes are idea for wall-mounted and stand alone displays, and assembly is quick and easy because there are no bulky light panels. All the parts are store in 1 small carrying bag ,thus offering substantial savings on storage and transportation costs.

Weʼll help throughout the design process and advise how to adapt graphics to suit our dynamic display. Once the design is confirm,  Weʼll then  uploaded onto a USB that plugs directly into your display. Switch from design to design by simply upload different file from the USB when and as often as you wish. It is that simple.


Our Exhibition at KLCC Convention Centre 2018.