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We would like to commend everyone staying at home for the past month who are practising social distancing and general hygiene, helping Malaysia to reduce the number of COVID-19 cases. As we near the end of MCO, we must not forget to keep these practises so that we can defend ourselves from the pandemic. It is important that we should constantly remind people to wear masks and maintain clean hygiene. Hence, we are here to help by providing ready-made wall poster designs for reminding people about prevention courses.

We provide all types of safety measured stickers that can help remind your communities to stay safe and healthy. These stickers are designed for both indoors and outdoors and they are applicable in any factory, office, store, clinic, school or restaurant.

Get ready with all safety sign stickers! Together we can overcome this pandemic .

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Portable Lightbox

A truly unique portable lightbox display

Cost- saving solutions to your exhibition needs

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Motion Lightbox

Combined fabric graphic with a motion LED lightbox and you get Motion Light Box, that will surely capture your customer attention.. 

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